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February 12, 2018


So if you’ve been following along with the Days of Love posts at all, you know how much we love LOVE around here. Maybe you’ve been reading all the wonderful words written by different people about their perspective on love. Maybe you’ve even read about when and why I fell in love with this time of year and sharing words of love. It means a WHOLE LOT to me.

Or maybe you’ve never read a single entry. And that’s cool with me, too. I don’t write because I want to be a “blogger” and I don’t share because I want to be known. In fact, it gives me low-key anxiety to share a lot of the time. But I share because I want to share LOVE. I want you to feel loved. I want the people around you to feel loved. I want that stranger you pass today to feel LOVED. I want you to have a day this week, Valentine’s Day or otherwise, where the main emotion in your chest, is love.

And the best way I know how to guarantee that you feel LOVE, is to share a way to show it. One year, when I was much younger, I helped my sister Tori cut paper hearts and write anonymous, hilarious Valentines that she then handed out all day on the U’s campus. I remembered that this week, and it made me so happy that I made some anonymous Valentine’s for you to share, too. Because I believe deeply in the divine power of loving words.


REAL EASY. All you gotta do is click, print, and cut. And then if you want to hand them out in person, maybe you’ll also need a little dose of courage. But depending on your schedule and what promptings come, maybe it’s as easy as taping them to a plate of cookies, wedging them in someone’s door, sliding them on someone’s windshield wiper, or leaving them with your tip at a restaurant. But you know. The love will come to you in the moment. You do you, my friend. I love you!

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