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Day 10

February 11, 2018

Day 10 comes in the form of a sweet experience shared by my sister, Tori. It’s kind of perfect that this reminder of love comes from Tor, because she is so good at loving me exactly where I am. My sisters are my absolute heroes, and it’s hard for me to put the love I feel for them into words, so I won’t try. I’ll just let you read it (and weep, probably):

“A few months ago, some friends and I were in the elevator coming back from lunch and somehow got on the subject of marriage and relationships. We started trading stories about annoying habits—our partners’ and our own, to be fair—and I mentioned that I frequently heckle Eric for putting the Britta filter back in the fridge without filling it back up. An elderly gentleman standing next to us smiled. “You know, when my wife and I were first married, she had an awful habit of putting jars back in the refrigerator without screwing the lid on tight. I can’t tell you how many times I pulled things out, only to have them spill and smash all over the floor. It used to drive me insane.” He paused, shaking his head softly with downcast eyes. He finally looked up again, his smile now tinged with sadness. “In the last years of her life, when she usually didn’t remember me or much of anything, she started leaving jars unscrewed again. It’s funny…the habit I had hated so much when we were younger became so dear to me toward the end. It reminded me of all our years together.” He finished quietly and I found myself blinking tears from my eyes as a hush fell over the group.

I’ve thought about that experience many times since. It is so easy to love and enjoy the parts of people that are loveable and enjoyable. But the truest love takes people as they are, offering compassion and forgiveness and sometimes even fondness for their quirks, imperfections, and shortcomings. May we all remember that and love a little better.”

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