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Progress Over Perfection

December 18, 2017

I’ve had this beautiful print (from my design crush Robert & Stella) hanging on our wall for about two years now,  and I absolutely love it. But, like probably everyone, I fluctuate all the time in my actual understanding of this phrase.

I have genuine gratitude and Christmas joy for PROGRESS in my heart today, in all the ways.

Follow me on this Sunday thought train; I beat myself up a for a lot of things – for example, for not being more flexible. I get so scared about doing yoga teacher training in January while I’m not bendy enough, etc., even though my teacher assures me that I know enough and that the poses will come and it’s not about BEING SO BENDY. That helps, but I’m human. I still get discouraged and scared, and often.

Cody and I have a private Instagram account (what the kids call a Finsta) where I post our daily workout videos, not because we’re fitness gurus or anything, but because I’m recording health in all the ways. Growing is so important to me, and I don’t want to worry about portraying it any certain way to the public. I also spam my family with memes and rants on that account, but that’s another story. It’s for the true MVPS. The real fans. A VIP all-access pass. Anyway, I post a time-lapse of every workout. And every workout, we close with a yoga flow. And almost every time, I feel frustration rise about my lack of flexibility, and I judge myself for not being somewhere different. Today I decided to go back to our first video in November and screenshot each pose and compare them to today’s closing flow, about a month and a half later.

I was MINDBLOWN at the changes in my body and the improvement I had made in flexibility in so short a time.

But the thing is, I didn’t see it.

It happened so gradually I felt like I was standing still, stuck, going nowhere practice-wise. It happened so slowly that I couldn’t see how far I’d come. I feel like life is like that. Personal development like that. And Heavenly Father’s plan and conversion are certainly like that. Every day we either get closer or further from Him. It’s only us that moves. And the little things every day – prayer, scriptures, keeping the commandments, move us closer so delicately and incrementally (or not doing us moves us away so gradually) that I think we can be blindsided by how much we’ve grown or regressed over periods of time. But like my yoga teacher reminds me about yoga, the beautiful thing about the gospel is that you can’t be bad at it.

You can just keep practicing and moving closer, inch by inch, breath by breath, day by day.

I am so grateful for all the tiny, unnoticed ways He moves my life every day, and for the big ways those add up over time.

Progress over perfection, friends. A reminder I have written on my wall, but am working hard to have written in my heart.

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