November 11, 2017

Today’s entry comes from my loveliest friend Ashley. I love her passion and her motivation and how she uses her voice. She is such a beautiful person! I love her sense of humor, and of course, her writing. I have loved following along with her life and her insights for so many years, and SPOILER ALERT, I love these thoughts, too. Get in there and fall in love:

“I’ve always been a big planner. I lived and died by my planner’s color-coordinated blocks in school, and the paper desk calendar I use at work solicits all kinds of remarks about how I work in a tech company, but live in the stone age.
I hate being late, I like having a routine, and I’ve always had a pretty good idea of where I was going in life.

And all of that ^^^ is exactly why my patience is something that is continually tested, as the plans I had for myself are changed by things around me.

Accepting that I’m not entirely in control of things is one of my biggest struggles, and I’m still learning to accept that there are things I can’t change.

A few years ago, my bishop gave a lesson in Relief Society about gratitude, and how it helps us see what there is, rather than what there isn’t. He talked about setting goals and striving to reach our greatest potential, but also relishing the here, the now, and the right-this-seconds that we’ll miss if we’re always on the move and on the run.

That night, I made a goal to write down at least one thing I was thankful for, outside of the bread and butter list of blessings we all say. While I am grateful for my bed, my house, my family, my job, my education, etc, looking beyond that has opened my eyes to how blessed I really am.

I’m grateful for the “ok coming” text I get from Riley every Friday after work as he heads up from Orem, and for the “drive safe and let me know when you get home” that comes before I head back to Kaysville.

I’m grateful for neighbors that have become family and family group messages with those neighbors.

I’m grateful for seven-minute car rides I have with my little sisters as I take them to or from their ballet classes. They are always full of stories about their classmates and what happened at recess and what books they checked out from the library, things I probably wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

I’m grateful for Sunday dinners with Riley’s family and the eight little hugs I get from his nieces and nephews as they head home at bedtime.

I’m grateful for the two hours a week I spend in nursery, because the church is a little more true when explained by a two-and-a-half-year-old.

I’m grateful for the one line emails from my Dad with a link he thinks I’ll enjoy or a short note about why he cares.

I’m grateful for phone calls and FaceTime dates with out of state friends.

I’m grateful for those lines in a story or a song that make your heart hurt in the best way possible and stick with you for days after you hear them.

And, despite the fact that this life is nothing like we ever expect it to be, I’m grateful for here, for now, and for all the sweet somethings happening right this second that have me convinced my life is a little bit of magic.”

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McCall November 14, 2017 at 7:21 pm

I loooove so much of this–especially that gratitude is about what is here versus focusing on what’s not.

I’m also grateful for those lines in songs that stick with you.


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