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September 6, 2017

Every week, I swear I’m going to post a travel blog from our adventures this year, or a thought blog of life lessons lately before another Wednesday Words rolls around (tbh, at this point I should just rename my blog since this is all I ever consistently write) but then I get busy with school and I’m like…


AND WEDNESDAY STRIKES AGAIN AGAIN. But, like the actual name of this blog, it is what it is, this season of life is busy, and I am just feeling grateful to be writing again at all. It feels so good even to just jot a few things close to my heart or about our lives down to remember.

1. Our house is starting to feel more like a home!!! It is finally becoming real that it will be done in a few weeks (I mean… fingers crossed, though. Those estimates… eh). It’s kind of of hilarious, because at what point in my life did cabinets become like Christmas to me, but WOWOWOW. I totally cried last time we saw it. Cabinets in, fireplace fixed, flooring is mostly in, and I am in love. It’s been a really special, honestly kind of spiritual experience to get to literally create a home together. We’ve felt that before putting together our apartments and making them feel a certain way, but making a HOME where we know we’ll bring our babies and spend years (and also don’t have to use command strip hooks, tbh) is pretty powerful. Envisioning a space and how it makes people feel when they visit is a really intentional, special kind of creativity/effort, and I love brainstorming the creation of that with Cody.

I feel really, really grateful for this blessing in all aspects, and especially in light of recent national and world events. It’s so humbling to even have a place to stay when so many people have had their homes, their families, and all their belongings so completely devastated and destroyed by natural disasters. It really puts into perspective what home is, and for me, it’s who you share it with and where your family is. My heart aches for all those who have lost loved ones or don’t know where their family members are. My sisters and I honestly can’t read any coverage of Hurricane Harvey without bawling. (There was a story about a mom holding her baby above water to keep her from drowning trying to get to safety, and drowning herself in the effort. The little girl was found clinging to her mom’s floating body, a final act of love to buoy her up. That mom is a HERO But also, no, no, no). It’s been really beautiful to see the love of everyday people helping each other. Our country has felt so full of hate the last year or so. So, so, so full of hate. Seeing the public and private reactions of people and their desires to help each other has been so restorative in the face of such ugliness and devastation.

I wish so badly I could go and be a part of that effort, but I’m grateful there are so many resources and information about helping most effectively where we are. There are so many good people organized and actively doing GOOD things that we can support. That gives me hope in the face of tragedy. (THIS is the best list I’ve found for donating to different Harvey Relief efforts, and I’m still looking to find comprehensive information on Hurricane Irma efforts. Please let me know if you find some!)

2. Long weekend meant Brittany and Grace came up from Cedar to visit! Oh, I love them. Especially that funny Gracie, who knows more words and sneaky tricks every time I see her.  It was so nice to have some sister time this weekend. My dream is that we someday buy out a cul-de-sac and just make like a weird compound so we can hang out all the time. Chill. Casual. Not creepy. Because we are all fall fiends, we tried our hands at some fall-themed wreaths made from embroidery hoops. Tori found the tutorial on Pinterest. I thought they all turned out so cute and it was so fun to CREATE! That’s something I want to improve on – just getting back to the joy of making things for fun, writing things for fun, drawing things for fun, etc., instead of cranking things out for a grade or to fit a rubric. As an added bonus, I felt like it was really affordable as opposed to buying a wreath. Which, let’s be real, is always a gamble when you take on a DIY. Is there a worse feeling than saying, “I could make/do that for cheaper” only to find out at the end of the project that you actually spent MORE?! Hahaha. Don’t play. We’ve all been there.
3. WE ARE GOING CAMPING THIS WEEKEND! And then I get to go camping next week, too. That just makes my heart happy.

4. My schedule worked out this semester so that I get to watch my cute niece Margot twice a week. And holy crap, is that good for my heart. She reminds me to slow down, be present, be silly and free, play peekaboo, wrestle on the floor, and laugh really, really hard. Also, she gives about 84 kisses an hour and is such a snuggle-bug. It’s a basically a dream come true. I just love my nieces and nephews. They really are my joy. Sometimes, when I think about having kids, I wonder if my heart will just burst, because I legit can’t imagine loving kids more than I love them. But I know my heart will expand to mama-heart capacity, and somehow, I will. AND IT JUST IS SO WONDERFUL, GUYS. Today with Margot made me so, so excited for that stage of life when it comes, and days with my own babies.

5. We went to the batting cages Monday and it was SO much fun. But also, we both were SOAKED in sweat by the end. September weather, where you at, homie?! Semptember is meant to be swassless. (I’ll probably have that sentence made into a sweatshirt). We also spent part of date night at RC Willey looking at fridges/washer dryers. (We also go to bed at 9pm. We are 90). Mostly that just consisted of dodging the sales reps (WHO ARE LIKE HUNGRY VULTURES… can I get an amen? Once in Orem RC’s the guy followed me to the ladies’ room and waited OUTSIDE while I peed. SIR. Sir. I’m gonna need you to dial it back from about a 20 to a 2) and wondering how necessary washers and dryers REALLY are. Hash tag expensive.
6. I feel like I need to mention, since I’ve been there like five times in the last few weeks, I have a new obsession. I am in love with Gourmadise Bakery in SLC. I went for the first time with the Forever Young YA book group I’m in, and I was like, yeah, you ladies are great but MORE PASTRY. I was not at the table. I was in food heaven. I’ve now converted Cody, and not only do they have fabulous desserts and quiche, but the turkey bacon avocado and BLT transported me to a kind of mental sandwich spa, which A) should really be a thing that exists and B) really did make me feel as wonderful as an actual trip to the spa. So. Get in there. I also LOVE the interior and exterior. Such a cool vibe. Especially if you go at night (I’m a sucker for twinkle lights). It reminds me of a few of our favorite bakeries in Europe this spring, and also if you’re still reading this, please go order a raspberry pistachio tart on my behalf, because my family is doing Whole 30 right now, and this paragraph has made me WOEFULLY AWARE OF THAT FACT.

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