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February 10, 2017

Day Nine comes from my sister Brittany. My sisters are my people. I wanna BE them when I grow up. They are my very best friends. And I don’t have words for all the good they are in my life/the world in general. But my experience is, the things I find the hardest to articulate are the most precious. And also, I know they get it. And if you know them, probably you do, too. I’m grateful for their faith, their perspective, their encouragement, but most of all, for their love. Britt’s thoughts on neighborly love filled my heart tonight:

“‘As I have loved you, love one another.’

Growing up going to church, I heard this phrase often. It is one of the most fundamental and basic of my beliefs: Jesus Christ loves me, and I should love others. Lately, this phrase has taken on new meaning for me.

With all of the tumult in the world lately, I have found myself struggling to stay positive.  It seems as though I can’t get on social media or watch the news without being overwhelmed with the apparent hatred everywhere. It’s all about “them” vs. “us.” I have felt my own feelings leaning on the side of hatred more often than I feel comfortable with.  With all this negativity swirling about, my tendency, especially as an introvert, is to stick my head in the sand and shut out the world. But that would be too easy…and it would be so incredibly selfish. Because the reality is, I have a responsibility to love others. Jesus Christ doesn’t just sort of love me when it is easy, or when I’ve only made the right choices, or when I think or believe the same things as Him. He loves me all the time, regardless of circumstances, with a love so powerful he was willing to die for me. We should love others the way He loves them, because truly he didn’t just give his life for some, but for all. ALL. Not just the people who look, think, or act like you, but for every single person on this earth.

Love moves us to action. It moved me to say yes to my husband after only six weeks of dating, it motivated me to bring my daughter into this world, and it moved our Heavenly Father to give his Only Begotten Son to an imperfect world.

“As I have loved you, love one another.”

It’s not enough to say it; we must let it move us to view each other as equals, to stand up for one another, and to help those who aren’t able to help themselves.  If you, like me, are worried about the direction our world is headed, do something about it. Let’s get to our feet and take care of each other.”

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