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February 7, 2017

Day Six coming at you from my beautiful friend, Emma. I know a lot of my blog posts go on and on about her, but only because she’s worth it. Sorry not sorry. She has been a constant friend to me for so long through so much. I love Emma’s passion, her wit, her pure love, her loyalty. I love her sense of humor – I live for our ugly Snapchats and ALL CAPS TEXTING. She is a gem among humans. I love, love, love, how all her beauty come through in her writing. I wish you could have seen me reading this email from her. I was all tears, hallelujahs, and amens. AUNT LOVE, guys. There is nothing like it in the world:

“This year I learned something that I’m sure many of you already knew — babies are tiny bundles of amazing little gumdrops. I’ve never had an affinity for babies, nor have I known how to interact with them. But then on April 6, 2016 the world received the most perfect little bundle of double chins and dinosaur noises. My amazing nephew Jensen William Spittle was born and I had no idea until I held him a few months later how much I had needed him. The day before I had to leave him to go back home after meeting him, I remember asking my sister to please let me hold him while he was napping. I was dying to feel his sweet little hands against my neck as he slept; to feel his tiny breathing pattern turn rhythmic as he snored. I had no idea how much I needed to hold my little man until I got to. I was tearing up the whole time and I’m tearing up now writing about it.

My sister fought so hard for her baby boy. She prayed every day, gave herself shots each day of her pregnancy, and is doing such an astounding job as a mother. My only wish is to be the best aunt possible because my little peanut deserves the best. Love completely shifted in meaning for me as soon as I saw the first picture of Jensen. I felt his energy in the universe the second he entered the world and it has become my greatest motivation to be the best I can be. I want to be an aunt that makes him proud. I want to be an aunt who takes him on roller coasters and hikes, who reads books with him, who gets to hug him and talk with him when his parents don’t understand. I cannot wait to watch him grow and know him for his entire life.

Okay, so by this point I am casually sobbing as I write this because of the overwhelming love I have for this little boy. My own words are getting all sorts of groggy with tears so let’s just end this the only way possible — Hamilton lyrics. “When you smile, I fall apart… I’ll do whatever it takes, I’ll make a million mistakes. I’ll make the world safe and sound for you.” Babies are love, folks. Babies are pure love.

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