November 29, 2016

Today, I woke up at six this morning to work on homework and kept working on homework until six at night, which, ew. (I know education is a blessing, I DO like to learn, and also so many people do much more in the course of their day, but just the same, neither of these things made me want to pull my hair out any less today.) College and I have a rocky relationship some days. It’s cool.
What DID keep me from wanting to pull my hair out was the beautiful snow falling outside my window the whole twelve hours I worked.

Gust after gust blew past, some shy and some brazen, dancing by my window on the wind and displaying all their different personalities. Falling snow always takes me back to living in Minneapolis, and I have to say, since I learned to dress for the cold (all those years hating it, only to realize I actually just couldn’t make flip flops and snow work. Sorry, Mom. You were right.) winter weather makes my heart sing. It reminds me of miracles and memories and magic. And Christmas cookies. Because come on.

Speaking of magic, (and Christmas cookies) yesterday was one of those everyday magic days. The kind that totally catch you off-guard, and keep the happiness bubbling up in your throat, falling out as irrepressible laughter. The kind you want to bottle up for twelve-hour stretches of homework, knaw’mean?

After church, we bundled up and drove the canyon hoping to catch that first wave of snow. Everything was misty and sugar-coated, like someone had taken a pinch of powdered sugar to the edge of everything. It was DREAMY. We blasted Sufjan Christmas and said, “It’s SO PRETTY” probably eighty times.

About halfway up to our favorite park, we came across a group of eight deer next to the mountain road – two bucks and six does.  They blinked at us, and we blinked at them, and the snow seemed to fall in slow motion. We turned the car off and rolled the windows down, and I know it sounds cheesy, but it was absolutely spiritual just sharing the quiet with these creatures.

They finally wandered off long after we’d lost track of time. Snow was falling faster, and by the time we reached our park, snowball drills commenced. We’d get back in the car and say, “Wait… Maybe let’s do that again.” And then we’d run back out.  And somewhere between driving back down the canyon and tackling a whole pan of Christmas cookies and Sunday night assignments back home, it hit me.

That was a moment, you know? That was a gift, and that was magic.

So, I guess in summation, online journal/cyber friends… Let me be real. Marriage is hard work, and school is hard work, and even winter can be hard work… but all of them are about finding the every-day magic. It’s about the snow falling perfectly against the windowpane as you struggle through finals week. It’s about the perfect Sunday afternoon before a week where you’re so busy, you barely see your spouse. It’s about a snowball fight rather than a grumble about the cold.

It’s recognizing moments when they hit.



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Amber Peck November 29, 2016 at 6:17 pm

What is Sufjan Christmas?

Sierra Burton December 9, 2016 at 6:28 am

Thank goodness for Sundays that give us a break from hw and work!

Shelby Ballif December 14, 2016 at 10:43 pm

Sufjan Stevens is one of my favorite musicians, we love his Christmas album!

Shelby Ballif December 14, 2016 at 10:43 pm

Amen! I live for the weekend.


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