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November 16, 2016

Today’s Thanks A Lot post comes from my friend Elsie, for whom I’m very grateful. She was such a blessing to us as missionaries in Duluth (the last area I lived as a missionary). She even helped us prank the elders once or twice. I love Elsie for her optimism and her genuine love of all those she comes in contact with. It’s so comforting and so real. I love her laugh, and I love her insights and attention to goodness in the everyday. I loved this sweet story!

“I’m grateful for the life lessons that a three-year-old can teach. I noticed that my granddaughter had her shoes on backwards, so I explained that she would be much more comfortable if she switched her feet. So she did…she literally switched her feet! Problem solved.

Sometimes when we experience obstacles in our lives, we think too hard. Maybe we can find an easier solution if we just “switch!”

Switch to being more kind, switch to being positive, switch to seeing the better in ourselves and in others. Switching our hearts and minds to a sunnier outlook on life.”

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