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November 2, 2016

Hi! Happy month of thanks. GOBBLE, GOBBLE. One of the things I feel most thankful for are the people in my life, for the privilege of loving them. I am thankful for their examples and their thoughts  and the way each of their unique perspectives on the world make me feel more alive. The thought nagged at me over and over, that there is no better way to spend this month than glimpsing into other peoples’ goodness and other peoples’ gratitude. So, I pestered some people and they shared some words. I think you’ll like ’em.

I love what my beautiful friend, Chelsea has to say. You might remember her beautiful words from her Days of Love Series post (click HERE to read that gem). Here are her words for our Thanks A Lot Series. Spoiler alert: They are just as beautiful.

“The world is full of bullies.

The world is full of murderers, rapists, terrorists, sicknesses, heartaches, loneliness, addictions, depression, self-harm, self-doubt–so much so that hope is rejected, faith is mocked, love is demeaned, Deity is denied and some days all we ever hear is noise.

Some days all we ever do is follow our daily routine, whatever it may be; we depart and return, no different than we were when we awoke—no better, no worse, just the same.

You could be on a bus or a subway and witness the person right next to you be robbed at gun point and people would just attribute it to “the world today”, after all, the world is full of bullies.

What you don’t know is that moments before, in that very same seat you are sitting in now sat a homeless man, making his way home to a poor substitute for a home, counting his day’s wage, worrying about how he is going to make it to the next week; what you don’t know is that someone, just like you, saw that homeless man and provided him a meal, possibly the only meal he would have had all day, offered him a warm blanket and even more, became his friend.

The world is full of bullies, but it is also full of saints.

Gratitude is not an action, nor a reaction, rather a state of mind. More so, gratitude is a part of how you see things, how you treat people, what you want in life and who you are.

At times I have found the world to be dreary, but when I have a grateful heart the world is full of wonder and people are full of possibility. Gratitude provides hope, faith, strength and happiness. How great it is to be grateful.”

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