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DAY 20

February 21, 2016

(“This picture right here screams LOVE FEST! My family, my friends, and my one true love celebrating our forever love the day of our wedding. HAPPY LOVE MONTH PEOPLE!”)

Day 20 comes from my bestie, Meg. Meg is like no one I’ve ever met. We were companions for six (yep, SIX months!) of my mission, and experienced just about everything you can imagine (and more… like really). But the point is, we experienced it together, and that was a privilege for me. Meg is bright and intelligent and so, so warm and loving. She is compassionate, bold, and committed. So full of faith and light. She is forgiving and resilient and meek and OH, so hilarious. I am really struggling to find words for her and how I admire her. In my mission, we carried these little notebooks called “testimony journals” and we would have ward members, investigators, converts, companions, and fellow missionaries sign it and share their love, testimony, and sometimes contact information. Meg and I were so sad to part at transfers – after that long being together 24/7, we understood each other in the kind of unspoken ways your family does. And when we swapped testimony books, we both tried for weeks and weeks, and every time each of us put pen to paper, sometimes tears would come, sometimes laughter, but never adequate words. We ended up swapping them back and being each other’s shortest entry, and somehow, that said everything. She’s more than my friend. She is truly my sister. And I love her SO much. It’s fitting that she finishes up this year’s Days of Love Series, because she personifies love to me.

“Love. Such a loaded, complicated, beautiful, tiny word. I think the best definition that I’ve ever heard of love was given to me by my mom at a girl’s camp bonfire late one night. Half asleep she uttered the words, “Love is the feeling you feel when you feel the feeling you’ve never felt before.”

I’ve often thought back to those drowsy words spoken in the middle of the woods, and the magic I felt in that moment. (Okay, so it might have been the late night, forest setting that sparked such a fire within me, but then again, any words a mom speaks feel magical, right?) They strike me as so true- so perfectly descriptive of, what to me is, the most indescribable feeling I’ve ever felt.

I have felt that feeling, you know, the one you feel that’s so unfathomable, so indescribably life changing you don’t even know what to call it? Yeah. That’s love. And it’s not just something you feel when you’re IN LOVE with someone- it’s not simply a romantic thing(but BELIEVE ME love is REAL when it comes to romance.) It’s a human thing. It’s a Godly gift that we all possess and have the power to change lives as we share it.

Every single day of my mortal life, I have felt feelings that I’ve never felt before. It’s breathtakingly beautiful how love is felt always in infinite ways. Love isn’t an occurrence, it’s a journey. My journey is filled with the best friends, family, and by far the best husband- God’s choicest children- that continually teach me the depth of God’s love, not only for me, but for them. I’ve felt the feeling I’ve never felt before, and I continue to feel it every single day. Love, people, is there ANYTHING better?”

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