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DAY 19

February 20, 2016

Day 19 comes from my best buddy, Kira. Oh, man. There are no words for how her friendship fills my heart. She has been there for me like nobody else. And I would confidently assert that anyone in her life could say the same. She is the textbook definition of loyal. She loves without condition and forgives anyone and everyone with such a willing heart, no matter how they’ve wronged her. Kira is SO funny. And so good at lifting and brightening any kind of person on any kind of day. She has taught me so much about love and courage and capacity. She has a power about her, and she uses it to do good. Period. I JUST LOVE HER. And I’m having a really hard time putting into words the greatness that she is, so I will let her words speak for themselves, and just trust that you will feel it, too.

“Love. So, I have been thinking a lot about this over the past couple of days and an experience that came to my mind from this past year was one I had on my mission.

Sister Vivier (pictured above) is the definition of Christlike love. As I tried to center my mission on love she taught me that as we love the Savior with everything we have, it is so much easier for us to love ourselves and those around us. She taught me the true meaning of love. This woman never stopped. Bishop’s wife, mother of three teenagers, a calling in the primary, working, and stricken with cancer.

This sister loved us like we were her own children.

I remember the first night I arrived in this area, she was waiting for us at the train station to help us take our luggage to our apartment. She had been working all day and one of her sons was sick. But she still found time to make us a lasagna and come pick us up. She had us over to her house on all of our birthdays, took us out to do things on P days, and invited us over for family home evening. She never complained and did everything with a willing heart. When she would talk about the Savior her eyes always welled with tears. Her testimony is strong and by her example she strengthened mine. She exemplified Christ like love in every way, and because she loves Him, it was easier to love others. I will be forever grateful for the powerful lesson she taught me that summer.”

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