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DAY 17

February 18, 2016

Day 17 comes from my best friend, McCall. And McCall is one of those people who brings joy wherever she is. She is a unique kind of magic. If you know McCall, you’re better for it. I’ve known McCall since junior high, and I don’t even KNOW where to begin. She is just, good. The kind of friend she is has taught me so much about love. She is honest and kind and truly joyful. She is willing to share herself wholly with people, and also willing to see, understand, and accept people for who they are, completely. She is whole-hearted, fully invested in wherever she is. She’s also extremely talented – in obvious ways like singing, dancing, and writing, etc, and also in intricate ways, like the way she can make people feel safe, or laugh until their stomachs hurt, or the way she can befriend anyone. She has SO many special qualities that truly make time with her a gift. One of her many gifts is empowering those who are working to make a change to be successful. Why? Because she’s incredibly patient and believes in others like it is her full-time job. And speaking of jobs and believing in people, McCall works at a treatment center, and channels all that love into helping people achieve their change.

I really love the thoughts she shares after observing the sacrifice and struggle of a mother’s love  for a son is in her program currently:

“Love is having a son.

Love is having a son with depression.

Love is having a son with depression and sending him to a school where he can get help–miles away, out of your care.

Love is trusting in God, that this is His design.

Love is visiting three months later, seeing your son giving a speech on what he has learned about love and you start crying as you see how much he has grown.

Love is seeing your son on the couch, crying because you will have to leave in a few days’ time.

Love is leaving, trusting that he will grow because of the pressure cooker of treatment.

Love is letting your son struggle so that he can be strong.

Love is looking forward to the day when your son is truly happy, free of his devils.

Sometimes the greatest amount of love is shown in the most difficult situations. Loving your child by sending them away to get help. Loving your significant other by telling her of your past, but that you are trying to be better with all your heart. Loving your Only Begotten by leaving Him alone on the cross, so that all of your other Heavenly children never feel alone or unloved, ever. If they just look for the love.”

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