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DAY 16

February 17, 2016

Day 16 comes from my homegirl Alexis West. Even though we have hung out in person a total of perhaps three times (if you count the MTC, when we were in the same zone, which I most definitely do), I really appreciate and love who she is. Alexis is genuine, and cool. Not like the vague, disinterested use of the world, but the interesting-and-inspiring use of cool. I mean it. She is so creative and so smart and thinks/expresses herself beautifully. I love her gratitude for things big and small, her zest for life. She has a real light around her, she’s hilarious, and she has an incredibly good heart. Moral of the story is, I like her, I admire her, and I enjoyed her thoughts on love thoroughly. You just might, too. TRY ‘EM OUT, WHY DONCHA:

“In “The God Who Weeps” by Terryl and Fiona Givens, this is said: “No English word has been more debased than love, which we simultaneously employ to describe God’s sacrifice of His Son and our feelings about a hot-dog smothered in relish.” What a concept! Since reading that, I’ve been much more aware of my use of that word, and have been very careful about my use of it. Do we admire, like, enjoy, appreciate, respect, applaud, reverence, favor, cherish or savor the things, people and circumstances we experience? Or do we honestly, truly, deeply, wholly LOVE?

The book also expounds, “When C. S. Lewis wrote on the four loves, he did not include love of Sicilian pizza or of Turkish baths. He understood that love is most essentially a term that addresses the complex form of connection we make to other beings, and that those connections are so various and layered that the Greeks needed at least four words to capture what we reduce to one amorphous catchall.” I think there are far more than four kinds of love, but no matter that amount nor the extent to which humans have muddled up vocabulary, I am thankful that God DOES honestly, truly, deeply, wholly love us. I am thankful for the trust that comes from knowing that. I am thankful that He loves us enough to have sent us His perfect symbol of love, Jesus Christ, our Savior.”

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