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DAY 14

February 15, 2016

Day 14 comes from my sweet Aunt Sheral. Sheral is my mom’s baby sister, and one of my favorite people in the world! She has the funniest sense of humor, the best stories, and a real love for those she meets. She is a great friend to so many different kinds of people, easy to talk with and quick to make you laugh. She is extremely silly and also so wise. She is an awesome mom and I love the relationships she has with her kids. She has always been a good friend and example to me. Living an hour from my mom has its downsides (I am very much attached to that lady, she’s kind of the best), and especially my first year at college, when I was struggling, I felt so grateful to have family so close. Sheral always let me come over, to do homework, to try new recipes, to play with her kids. It saved me from being a COMPLETELY anti-social weirdo freshman year. My mom likes to joke that her youngest daughter, Paige (who is ten and my BFF), me, and Sheral, are all the same person at different stages of life. Ha! Which is quite a compliment for me — they are both incredible. I’m grateful for Sheral’s example of feeling and following those promptings that come to show love in the ways people need.

“I think my most favorite ‘love feel’ is when I can actually feel Heavenly Fathers love for others.

I love knowing that the feelings I feel are not (well, not ALL) mine.

A few months ago a friend of mine Jill, who used to be a neighbor and moved about 10 years ago so our relationship is less of a ‘see you day to day’ and more of a ‘see you once a year except on social media’ type relationship, posted that her sister in law had passed away. Her words were something like “My sweet lemon-loving sister (in-law), best friend… etc etc… has passed away” along with other kind words and sweet memories. Immediately I hear (in my head) ‘get Jill a lemon tree.’ I shrug it off. “That’s kind of ridiculous! We live in Utah, not Arizona.” About 20 minutes later, I think of Jill again. I am heartbroken for her. ‘Get Jill a lemon tree’… again. Louder. “Is that even possible?? I seriously doubt it.”

The next morning, first thought is … you got it, ‘Get Jill a lemon tree’. “Fine, I’ll call a few nurseries and see if one is available.” Do you know what? EVERY nursery I called had some type of lemon tree available. People, it’s October and did I mention Utah?? I went to the closest nursery and picked a lovely little (although it had tiny actual green lemons) tree, I picked a pot that she could keep the tree nice and cleanly in her house… and drag outside in the summer? I was so worried about silly things… she’s going to think you’re nuts, you are giving her more work, if this tree dies this loss will come back to her, you haven’t seen her in months.

It didn’t matter. Those little things didn’t matter at all. Because I KNEW and felt that God wanted Jill to know that He is mindful of her and her grief and pain… He loves her to no end. I dropped the tree off (no one was home) on the front porch. Maybe an hour later Jill texts and says “Did I tell you Kelli had a lemon tree in her house?” No. “How did you know that would mean so much to me/or to us?” I just knew, and I knew Heavenly Father knew. (Apparently she loved this tree like one of her own children… they greeted the tree when they came in and said goodbye when they left the house. It’s kind of funny to me.) My heart was so full of God’s love for Jill and her family. It was a beautiful reminder of His Love for all of us… myself included. I am grateful to witness His Giant, All Encompassing, Eternal, Beautiful… Love.”

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