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DAY 13

February 14, 2016

Day 13 comes from my beautiful friend Chelsea. Couple things about Chelsea — I met her doing high school theater, and loved her immediately. In fact, every night before I would walk onstage my senior year to play Jean-Louise in “To Kill a Mockingbird” she was right there with me, helping me to breathe through my “ohmygoshIactuallycantdothisanddon’tknowanyofmylinesorblockingatthismoment” panic. She just steadied me. I couldn’t have done a line of that show without her friendship. And that’s really who she is. She has an easy laugh and such a light that radiates. She’s sassy and smart and has a willing heart to help anyone in need. She’s just THERE with you, and her being who she is all at once puts you at ease and inspires you to do better. She is resilient and brave and has so many gifts to share. She sings like an angel, and writes like one, too. I love her experience with love, because I think it’s extremely relatable to feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness we all battle, and I think the end lesson is gospel truth. READ ON, my friends.

“For a much of my life I viewed “love” to be some sort of favorable epidemic granted only in abundance to the most fortunate of souls. I have come to understand that it is our innate desire to be effected by this seemingly redemptive plague of affection. During the late months of this past summer I found myself alone on a Sunday afternoon, feeling particularly targeted by adversity. I felt as if I was no longer worthy of any displays of affection and that despite my knowledge of a loving Father in Heaven, I was somehow exempt of it all. After what seemed like hours of balancing on an emotional teeter-totter, I decided to to take these thoughts to a more peaceful and reverent location. 

The carefully-carved pathway was all too familiar with the resounding rhythm of my solemn feet. As I instinctively walked my usual route the thoughts that were once swimming in circles in my brain began to form into words lining the tip of my tongue waiting for the next possible opportunity of escape. It seemed that the only ear available was that of the Divine, and I, fully anticipating a response with the power to pierce my soul, hesitantly granted my words their freedom. Rather than carrying on my way as usual, I chose to linger in the silence and wait for a response. It wasn’t long until the reaffirmation of my Father’s love was manifest and I was taught a very valuable lesson: “Love is like a bank account, you cannot make a withdrawal without making a deposit.” Despite it’s patterns of contagiousness, love is not only what we catch but also what we cast. Love is not limited to just a feeling, rather it has the potential to encompass who we are and why we do what we do.

This knowledge has shaped how I view and treat each soul around me, for I have found that it is in the act of showing love that love is felt at it’s highest capacity.”

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