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February 8, 2016

Day 7 comes from my cute friend, Syd. And Syd is a rockstar. I mean, literally. But also figuratively. Let me just rant to you about how much I love this girl. Syd and I went to the same high school and had friends in common, but never quite knew each other. My freshman year at college, I was a lonely little bugger, especially after Cody left on his mission. Then one day, on the bus ride home from school, I heard a cheerful voice say, “Hey, you’re Shelby, right?” And then we were friends. We just kind of understood and supported each other in an easy, meant-to-be kind of way. And even though I didn’t get to see Syd every day, I always felt and feel that we are 1000 percent invested in each other’s lives. And there’s a real comfort in that.

We’ve had weird mirror experiences and I swear she is always able to help me or relate to things I struggle with. She also really inspires me — to be vulnerable, to chase my dreams, and to not be ashamed of the things I love, no matter what people think. Syd really loves her husband, really loves her son, and really loves to share the feelings music provides. She’s in a band called The National Parks, and WOWOWOW. She is so beautiful at that. And I can’t put into words how much I admire her as a mom to share whole self with her family, and also tour the country and have the courage to share that whole heart with the world onstage. That’s not an easy balance, people. But she does it gracefully and lovingly. I think she’s just the bravest, nicest, most compassionate human. I love her so much! I love how she lives her life with intention and purpose, and I love how humble she is about it. I can’t imagine a more incredible mom. Will will be so proud to look back on all she has done in his lifetime, as a human and as a mother. And I really love what she says about motherly love. (Her son may just be the cutest kid in the actual world).

 “I’ve tried to put into words the feelings I have for my son, William, but it’s extremely difficult. Love doesn’t exactly cut it. Will is a part of me. The bond we have is something that goes beyond this earth life and into the eternities. I have experienced things I never thought possible being a mother. My capabilities, my weaknesses, strengths, emotions, duties, passions, and yes my love has only expanded in his little 18 month lifetime. I am a different person because of him. I am better because of Will. He has healed me, at times, and he knows me. I feel closer to my husband because of Will, and know that there is a part of my husband, the good parts of him, that are alive in my son that help me to love both of them in a new way.

I even love myself more because of him. I love the way my body carried him into this world and helped to nurse, feed, teach, clean, and care for him to what he is now and will be in the future. And I also love my Savior Jesus Christ in a more unique and intimate way, because of William, and am baffled to know that Christ was loving enough to entrust me with this precious little boy. I love a little differently because of William.”

(I think you deserve to feel her love musically, too! Click HERE.Those slamming female vocals? Yeah. You feel that love.)

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