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February 5, 2016

Day 4 comes from my sister-in-law, Amber. Amber has a kind heart and has always treated me like family. She is creative, smart, and so easy to have a conversation with. She’s also talented, resilient and loves her kids so much. Am is a great example to me. Plus, she has a fantastic sense of humor and when she laughs really hard, it’s totally infectious and one of the happiest sounds in the world. Her story of love is so sweet and simple, and guaranteed to leave your insides feeling like they are wearing MAYBE the fuzziest sweater in the world. (Who doesn’t want that, though?) I love this testament to the power of our awareness of others’ needs and selfless love without seeking recognition.

“We experienced one of the purest moments of love on a cold night in 2005. I was pregnant with our first child and we lived in a two-bedroom apartment on Center Street in Provo. We hadn’t been married very long and were still getting used to things like budgeting together; basically, we were broker than broke. We were no different than the average couple at BYU: both of us attending classes, both working.

We enrolled in Medicaid for our doctors’ appointments and WIC helped with our food. Even though the budget said we were toast, we still had faith that it would all be okay. We had our little “nursery” set up with a crib and a baby swing from each of our parents. A few little outfits hung in the closet and I had splurged on a baby book or two. One night, there was a knock at our door. On our porch, with a few other baby things, was a huge box of diapers and a sweet little note. “You are loved,” it said, with no name or signature. A warm feeling touched my heart and as I looked out into our darkened courtyard, I truly felt as though I was.

It’s eleven years later, and it seems that we are all grown up. We own a house in Layton and my husband has a wonderful job. It would be easy for us to buy a box of diapers nowadays. But in that little apartment, preparing for the birth of our daughter, nothing could have meant more to us. And knowing that someone out there was thinking of us, loving us, was such a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father. I will never forget that love.”

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Amylee February 5, 2016 at 2:43 am

THIS. I love Amber and I love stories like this so much. We are all God's children. We have to take care of each other!


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