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February 2, 2016

Day two comes from one of my favorite people in the known universe, Sue Ramsey. She and her husband fed me and my companion dinner every Tuesday night for about eight months of my mission, and truly became my family. I wish I could put it more into words, but I can’t. Somewhere between new recipes, crazy stories, days of miracles and days of disappointment, swapping embarrassing moments, and sharing childhood memories, we just became a family. She has such a beautiful heart. She is an amazing mama and a sweet wife. She fulfills her callings fabulously. She is a brilliant artist with a quirky sense of humor, a selfless ability to love, and one of my very best friends. I love this testament of the power of love in our struggles – someone just taking us exactly where we are and loving us for that. Her honest words on love gave me chills and reminded me of the healing power of pure love:
“When I was dating the man I would marry two years later, he came over and washed my hair one night.  Not because it was dirty, or because my arms were broken, or to just be romantic – although, looking back 13 years later, it certainly was romantic.  No, I had been traumatized by abuse as a child but didn’t remember.  The flashbacks started happening in the early months of our courtship.  And I went berserk.  Crying fits, panic attacks, not wanting to exist… And this one night, the only thing would distract me was to have someone wash my hair.
This night was a great gift to me (probably saving me from some very destructive behavior), but was merely one in the multitudes of compassionate, selfless acts of love he has given me over the years.  He spent months reading books on the kind of abuse I suffered and how to deal with it – just for me.  He spent many hours (which turned into years) calming my panic attacks even when he had his own anxieties.  He sacrificed his own comfort, feelings, and often happiness when I would lash out at him in a rage for no reason, because he knew it wasn’t about him.  For the past 13 years, he has put my needs before his own – every single day.  He has put up with more than anyone should ever have to, and more than most people are willing to.

But, because he loves me – even more than himself – he has given me the deepest love I’ve ever felt.  And it has healed me beyond recognition.”  

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Emma Jane February 3, 2016 at 10:32 pm

I love the imagery in this post so much. It's so tender and lovely and intimate.

Liz Heath February 4, 2016 at 5:26 am

An amazing story of love and recovery.


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