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February 1, 2016

Day one of love comes from my dear friend, Kira. She is best described as walking sunshine, and has mastered love like nobody else I know. I first met Kira because we were peer-tutoring the same boy during different class periods my senior year and her sophomore year. I think we pretty instantly loved each other because Colton, our friend with Down Syndrome, loved each of us so much. You could always trust Colton’s judgement. That friendship of mutual admiration has since grown into something even stronger, including bike rides (where we learned I am actually physically incapable of riding a tandem bike…), good letters, heart-to-hearts, and a kind of comfortable friendship that feels like home. She is a forever friend and so full of love for everyone – I know you’ll love her and what she wrote:

“Love is a deep connection that we feel from one heart to another. It is a feeling of immense care. It makes us feel WHOLE and COMPLETE. We are creatures meant to love and be loved.

Love is not comfortable. It opens a part of us that bleeds and smiles, cries and dances. It pushes us to do what before would seem crazy or impossible. Love refines us, not through butterflies in the stomach, but through the deep soul connection that only comes through winter blizzards and summer rays.

When we love, we radiate. The best and worst is brought out, but when the dark of us surfaces, the light penetrates it and scrubs it away. That is why love makes us purer, more beautiful, more radiating beings. Love is powerful.

Love is not only between man and woman in a relationship, although I believe that is the highest, most elevated and touching human love. Love is from soul to soul. We can love a stranger. We can love a friend. When we fill our lives with love, there is no hunger and there is no thirst.

And so Christ teaches us to love, because He knows that through love growth will be aspired. Through love we can be motivated. Through love we can be refined. Through love we can change. Through love we can BECOME.”

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