July 29, 2015

Two things need to be talked about in this post.

1) The sushi we ate here wasn’t made of fish, I think. It was made of sunshine, and rainbows, and EVERY GOOD MEMORY YOU EVER HAD IN YOUR LIFE. I can’t be normal about this for one minute.
2) We spent maybe a fourth of our food budget on these chips and ate a bag a day. I wish I was kidding. (But do I? Anyway. They weren’t unique to our day on Hilo, this just felt like a great time to record the hilarity.)
After cruising the island all day, I got kind of sort of hangry. Hangry is real.
It also doesn’t help when you Google best eats in Hilo, and a sushi place has all these rave reviews that start to blur together and read, “Eat here tonight. Drive faster.” So we did. (But only the ‘eat here’ part. Cody is very law-abiding when he drives, you know?)

I loved the vibe of Ocean Sushi. It was nestled in such a fun part of town, surrounded by touristy shops and local shops. Hilo is incredibly eclectic – the kind of place you want to explore on foot. The shops were mostly all closed by the time we showed up for dinner, but even walking up was so delightful. I could’ve wandered all night.
The interior was white and open, with clean modern lines highlighting artfully simple tables and booths. We were already sold, but the mix of tourists, hippies, students, and big families of locals was also encouraging. 
I can’t even put into WORDS how good this sushi was. This was fresh from th’OCEAN, guys. We had fresh ahi poke wrapped in mac nuts… I mean. WHAT. But were they mac nuts or were they crack? I don’t even remember what rolls we had (one of the hazards of trying to catch up on your whole summer two months later) but if you take a gander at the menu, you can see that you really can’t go wrong. Even their miso, pretty standard sushi restaurant fare, was something I’d eat again on its own. 
To top it off? The service was fantastic and prices were well within poor newlywed range. Ocean Sushi in Hilo. YOU GOTTA GO.


(I chose this picture from the Interwebs because the photoshop job is suberb. IT’S LIKE THE CHIPS ARE REALLY BY THE OCEAN.)

Sweet Maui Onion Chips. That’s the name of the flavor but maybe also what I muttered when I first tasted them outside the friendly market on Moloka’i. Sweet, sweet Maui Onion. I’m embarrassed to say we ate a bag of these almost (wait for it…) EVERY DAY. :/ It started as a joke but then became an addiction. We easily spent a fourth of our food budget on ONLY these chips. Do you understand me?

And let me let you in on another secret. Purely science. I THINK they must be diet chips because somehow, in all our gorging, we LOST weight. What I’m saying is, it’s like vegetables in a bag and you have to buy them. :/

The plot twist: We raved and raved about them and smuggled two bags home in our luggage, only to find them at Fresh Market in KAYSVILLE, UTAH, priced at two for four dollars (the price of one bag in Hawaii). Hahahaha. WHOOPS.

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