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June 19, 2015
Behold, tour-guide Cody. (If you don’t find that face a little hilarious, something inside you is dead.)

I’m a firm believer in a pretty simple kind of traveling.  The word vacation can often call to mind flowery and idealistic words (that obviously belong in all caps on a motivational poster in your fifth grade world history classroom) like RELAX, INDULGE, and DREAM. (Insert jazz hands or a leaping cat). After having lived in China for four months, I believe in a more organic side of travel. A side that is perhaps messier and maybe involves a little more dirt under your fingernails, sunburned shoulders or blisters on your feet. 
Everyone is different and there are all kinds of vacationers in this world. I do not believe there is a right or a wrong way to see and love the world. It’s all good stuff.
Personally, I am the kind of vacationer who doesn’t always find the experience they want in a manufactured poolside view. I want the kitchen-window view of an old-timer, their front-porch-view for the last forty years. I want to know what path they walk to work each day. I want to laugh about the things that make them laugh. If I’m there, I dang-well want to experience the depth and breadth of what it means to be there.  I want CULTURE, all right.  Culture is what changes and moves me.
What I have learned most of all about traveling to EXPERIENCE a culture, is that culture – while an incredibly broad topic – for me boils down to two factors. People, and FOOD.
Writing about our trip to Hawaii is hard in a lot of respects – because it’s more than most words can say. It was just my favorite week of my life so far.
However, from the perspective of people and food, writing about it is EASY.

Traveling with a haole (the Hawaiian word for non-native) who is 100 percent Hawaiian on the inside ensured that I experienced a lot of both. So here’s how this is gonna go. Island by island, I’m gonna break down my favorite things about the people and my favorite things we ate, with a few of my favorite sights thrown in the mix. Nom, nom, nom. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Picture, picture, picture.  So come along! THX.

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