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January 15, 2013
If you know me semi-well, you know lists are my THANG. Sometimes when I want to write something, but I don’t have the time, I scribble a list of thoughts. When I want to paint something, occasionally I make a list of images or quotes or lyrics that inspire me. While I’m scripture studying it UP, I make lists of things I’m learning or attributes I notice. When I am traveling somewhere, by plane, car, or train, sometimes I list songs that fit the place I’m going or the tempo of the things I’m experiencing. I make to-do lists. Thank you lists. I used to make packing lists. But. Then I lived in China. And before we even knew what we’d begun, we started twisting and rolling our belongings like fresh play-dough and packing twenty minutes before departure. It was a good life. But it was also the death of packing lists. RIP.
ANYWAY. Lists. I love them. And life, I love it. Here are things I love today:
-Warm, fuzzy socks. Today, mine are pink and look like the offspring of Miss Piggy and Big Bird. (I realize that may be an unethical statement, but they’re just glorious socks, though.)
-Grilled ham and cheese sammies. Get in my belly.
-Nice people who don’t hate Mondays, and conversely, make you realize you don’t either.
-Good teachers. There is a special circle of heaven for good teachers, and that is the absolute truth. Let’s talk about this one. Today, my mission prep teacher gave an incredible lesson. What else is new? But he also said something (or like 800 things) that was exactly what I needed to hear. (So… still… what else is new?) After class, we were talking and I asked if I could pick his brain about something. We ended up having a 45 minute heart-to-heart about so many things that are so personal to me. Not only was he ridiculously positive, inspired, and hilarious about everything, he was comforting and willing to take the time out of his day for me. Boom. GREAT teacher.
-Swim class. I guess this could fall under good teachers, and nice people, but to the boy who loaned me his goggles even though I was trying to play it cool (this is a lifetime of FEAR, people) – you’re a gentleman and scholar and your patchy chest hair frankly fascinates me in the best kinds of ways. And to my cute swim teacher who pulled me aside after class and told me my lack of ability was all in my head, and that I’m improving faster than any beginner she’d ever taught… There is a special place for you in heaven, I’m sure of it. And on the tangent of swim class:
-Conquering fears and developing new skills, even when it’s difficult.
The porta-potty makes this photo. And attitude makes life. Huzzah!

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Anna January 15, 2013 at 10:18 pm

You are a dream. Really. I love lists too, but I've never made lists of songs that fit a moment. I like that. I'm going to start doing it.

Kira Johnson January 18, 2013 at 12:39 am

WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD AT LIFE AND WRITING? Thanks for making me giggle. And thank you for motivating me to make a list of things I love after I read this.

Rachel Nell January 18, 2013 at 12:39 am

My list of people who inspire me:

1. Shelby.

NewlyLoved January 20, 2013 at 4:34 pm

This is a great post, made me laugh!
Also I love this outfit– you look great

xo Jessica


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