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January 11, 2013

There has been a lot of colored-pant-wearin’, movie going. (Word to the wise. Les Mis a second time… don’t ever do that to yourself. I was like, oh, I’ll be fine this time. Then I heard someone sniffling and breathing like they were in a Lamaze class and realized it was me.) Also, Gandalf. Never a mistake.

I have come to terms with the occasional red lipstick. Bathroom photos? Not so much. Sometimes they happen and then I look at my life and my choices and I’m like, “You’re tacky and I hate you.”
 AND. Truth time…The red lasted approximately an hour on New Years. Not because I kissed anyone (I kissed myself?) but because I REALLY enjoyed my pre-party Crown Burger. Whoooops. I’m CLASSLESS.
But let’s talk about the fact that babies are the cure-all for any feeling in the whole world. Even if that feeling is happy. You just feel… happier. McCall is lovely and was nice enough to share the baby love with me. It’s… not her baby. Just her cousin. Heh. 
There is nothing better than a baby in your arms.

Someone just GIVE me one. Pushing a baby out of your person is not too much to ask of a sibling… Guys. 
Annnnd. My favorite book from my favorite class has been making all kinds of appearances.
Finally. This is a real notebook I use in my actual college classes. After I finished making an argument in my Contemporary Moral Issues class, a lady looked over at my desk and was like, “Isn’t he like twelve?” AND I WAS ALL, NO HE’S 20 AND I’M 19 AND IT DOESN’T MATTER THAT HE’S 5’6 OR THAT I JUST LOST ALL CREDIBILITY/DIGNITY IN THIS DEBATE.
I feel no shame. Long live Josh.
Also. I like college. 🙂 It’s going to be a good semester.

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