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Sabbath on a sleeper.

December 9, 2012

I love trains way too much. By all rights, they should be boring. But I end up doing my best talking with my Heavenly Father in the quiet, unfettered time that comes. 

HUZZAH FOR TRAINS! Especially 20 hour ones. And I’m being completely sincere. By far the most pleasant train ride I’ve had in China. Is it gonna be weird if I just ride Trax back and forth without a destination when I’m in Utah? Guess we’ll find out. :/ Kids call me the Trax Hag. (Someone form a gang with me this instant. Cause Trax Hagz sounds legit as crap. I’d vandalize some box cars with that graffiti in a heartbeat.)
Also. This happened:

Don’t mind me being overcome by AWE.
I loved this whole weekend, so, so much. We actually took some bomb videos and had epic, epic adventures. As was only right, given the numbers and time crunch. 
I was so stoked to put all the footage together in a magical montage with good musical lovin’.
However, my computer crashed and is out of commission until I am home. And thing is, that is also right. I get to fully immerse myself in the rest of my time here. 
I live with the nicest girl in the world, so I’ll still be posting little tidbits here and there on her computer. I may be too busy some days. And there is so much to say… but mostly?
I just love being alive. 
I really, really do.

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